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A fine example of this outreaching, independent contemporary artistry is the Anita Peghini-Räber Gallery, again primarily featuring the work of the titular artist. Peghini-Räber’s work is characterised by a sense of freedom in content and execution, where abstract patterns and motifs merge into emotional landscapes, filled with colour and assertive brushstrokes. A Swiss native, she has had her work exhibited in New York City, but her cosy and welcoming gallery in Rehoboth Beach is still a haven of sorts. In addition to showcasing her own paintings, Peghini-Räber also displays paintings, drawings and woodwork by other local and international artists. 10 Must-See Art Galleries And Museums In Delaware –

Artistic Textiles

Since the Spring of 2016 Anita Peghini Räber has created luxurious accessories made of for the one of a kind 45×45 (114x114cm) inches and for the one of a kind soft cuddly polyester sarongs 42×65 inches (106 x165cm). Anita Peghini Räber’s collection stands out for her unique motives of transferred paintings on textiles. Anita’s collection is worthy of the most famous haute couture houses. Anita’s line of textiles stands out for Anita’s unique, their and their precise.. Ships worldwide – Find us at our beautiful elegant location on 49 Baltimore Avenue, Delaware 190.00 USD

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Scarf Designs

Paintings on Paper


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