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Art Coaching

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Painting Classes

A quick Portrait by Anita Peghini Räber plus one 90 Minutes painting class. 320.00 Dollars per person, Material included.

Paint Nite for groups available Motto: Laugh, Learn, Live – a little and drink some wine 

The goal is to have fun during the two hours, to learn how to create by overcoming inhibition, to trust that pa

int is only paint and to incorporate mistakes into your composition.

  • canvas
  • non-toxic, washable paint
  • instruction
  • aprons to borrow
  • easels to borrow
  • 2 glasses of wine
  • typically a week night 7-9pm, times can be discussed

80$ per person. Please call the gallery (302)227-2888, or email to


Comprehensive Art Coaching

Are you working hard in your studio to get ready for your next art show and you feel that you need some energy thinking up some smaller changes in order to tweak your expression of art form? Have you been thinking of making your art stronger, more sensual, more or less colorful, more cohesive, more rhythmic, more dramatic, more daring or more quiet?

Let’s address your needs and face a unique art conversation that works for you. There might be just that little bit of spark missing to re-start your full creativity in a way that makes more sense to you. The package we offer starts with one hour introduction class together with Anita in the here and now at the Gallery. The conversation could also take place virtually with Google hang outs, or Skype. We continue with three 30 Minute phone consults during the month and Anita will review periodic homework.

  • One hour introduction consultation
  • Three 30 minute phone consults/ month
  • Periodic homework reviews

Subscription starting at $500/ month

Ready to Learn how to Sketch and Paint?

Currently Anita Peghini Räber teaches sketching classes - instruction designed to establish an understanding of light and shadow, depth, composition, and perspective.

Sketching level 1

A quick Portrait by Anita Peghini Räber plus one 90 Minutes painting class. 320.00 Dollars per person, Material is included. Learn to accurately sketch what you see! The primary focus will be on learning to discern tonal values and accurately reproducing proportions while sketching from life. Learn how light and shadow shape a scene. Discenrning is a foundational skill required of the visual artist and Anita Peghini Räber teaches how to hone that ability through creating. Learning to discern the subtle variations of tone and shape in a scene and transfer the 3-D Experience through personal expression into a 2-D surface is essential to the creation of representational art

2 days a week for 2 weeks “Secrets of the Artist painting level 2

Water based media classes will be offered in the coming months and due to the immersive schedule, space will be limited to 8 students per year. The 2week course "Secrets of the Masters" will run 2 days a week. Students will learn the color and composition secrets used by the master realist and impressionist painters, along with all the skills required to produce waterbased painting at a professional level. Students will use the finest materials available. The course will include a trip to the Rehoboth Art League in order to intimately observe the application of the skills learned in class. Anyone interested should Email us. Sketching level 1 is a pre-requisite for the painting class but no prior painting experience is necessary. Dates will be announced soon! 300 USD per person, material is included.

Upcoming classes

Sketching Level 1 July 9 &10  from 9am to 11am (3 spaces left)

Sketching Level 2 August 6 & 7 from 9am-11 am (4 spaces left)

*Night classes now offered: 6-8pm Wed, Thurs nights for level 1 and level 2

Gift certificates are available!

Want to create a great experience for friends or family? We offer custom classes!

Classes are limited to 4 students, so send us an e-mail, submit the form below, or give us a call at 302-227-2888 if you are interested in signing up! Due to class size limitations a 50% deposit is required to hold your spot in the class of your choice. Course fee $100.00 for 90 Minutes per person, material is included.

Private painting Lessons

Anyone interested in learning specific techniques or those who want a more one on one experience should consider private lessons. The rate is $100 per hour and scheduling can be arranged to accommodate your schedule. Contact Anita Peghii Räber to make arrangements.