Gregg Rosner March 22, 2012 – Posted in: Wood

Surfboard-Maker(pp_w447_h672)Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the oceans, is the small, multicellular organisms that are the building blocks of life on this planet. Known to exist on the surface micro layer of the world’s seas, this aquatic life collects energy from the Sun, absorbs the carbon dioxide from the air, and acts as a giant collective integrals system of a food supply. 

There are over 7000 species of zooplankton and photo-plankton. Inspired by the natural shapes of their functionality, I’ve taken walnut and burled maple woods and constructed coffee tables to mimic the life forms which rule the biomass of the oceans.

The wood selected are hardwoods, which over the years will have signature marks noting the next life of utilitarian use. Some of the insect marks are left, to res-shelter for insects. The marks made by human craftsman, the planer marks, the inlay butterflies to stabilize the natural imperfections are historical benchmarks in the history of the functional piece.



Denizen of NYC, LA and Portland, Oregon for the adult developmental years, currently residing in Delaware working part-time as an historian and naturalist for the state park. Volunteer for MERR, the marine mammal and sea turtle rescue organization.